Why entering business awards is good for business

Can we share the best-kept secret about entering business awards with you?

You don’t need to win to be a winner.

We know justifying the time and energy needed to prepare business award submissions can be challenging, but the benefits of entering business awards – even when you don’t win – can’t be underestimated.

Here’s why:

Entering business awards refines your business strategy

How often do you really get the opportunity to stop and reflect on how your business is performing, contemplating how you’ve overcome challenges, what you’ve achieved and where you’re going?

Writing an award entry provides the unique opportunity to look back and plan forward by examining your business through the questions posed in the award entry form.

Entering business awards builds your credibility

Industry leaders and experts judge awards. Regardless of whether you’re a nominee, finalist or winner, your participation in the awards process is guaranteed to generate greater awareness of your business and recognition of your work amongst these important practitioners.

Feedback on your entry from industry experts is also a valuable resource you may not normally have access to otherwise.

When the team at Award Writers writes business award entries for SMEs and large companies more than 95% are shortlisted. Our clients love being able to say that they’re a finalist and use it as a marketing tool on their marketing materials (website, proposals, email signatures).

Entering business awards gets you free marketing

How often do you have other businesses paying to promote your business positively!

Business awards are an often-overlooked tool in the marketing toolbox.  Award organisers and sponsors invest considerable resources in promoting nominees across paid and earned media channels. If you’re a finalist or an award winner, you’re guaranteed to receive positive media coverage.

Organisers will also help you leverage your association with their awards, permitting you to use their logo on your website and email signatures and in your marketing to substantiate your achievement.

Entering awards provides access to valuable incentives

Many large industry awards offer entrants incentives such as free business health checks and benchmarking reports – tools that can provide incredible insights into what your business is doing well and what it still needs to work on.

Gaining access to these resources, which can often cost thousands of dollars, is worth the price of entry alone!

Entering business awards provides opportunities to network

Business awards ceremonies are not all about the prizes and recognition. They provide the perfect opportunity for you to connect with the movers and shakers in your industry, not to mention making valuable connections with potential clients.

They also let you observe your competitors up close.

Entering business awards boosts team morale and motivation

Submitting business awards offer a highly effective way to recognise and celebrate your team’s efforts.

Engaging your team to contribute to your entry and keeping them informed through the judging progress is a sure-fire way to elevate morale and pride, regardless of whether you ultimately win.

Your business awards entries can be leveraged for future marketing

Compiling the information often needed to support award entries can take hours or even days. Fortunately, there’s a way to make a quick return on this investment.

Use the examples you include in your business award submissions as case studies on your website or translate them into blog and LinkedIn posts. With your clients’ permission, share testimonials as widely as possible.

Convinced your business can benefit from entering an award?

The team at Award Writers can help you create the best submissions for the best results. Get in touch with us today on 02 9314 7506 or 0411 123 216, or contact us via our form to see how we can assist.

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