Why business award winners win more business

Have you ever considered that the reason your business doesn’t win any awards may be connected to the fact that you haven’t actually entered any? When you think about it, there really does seem to be a direct correlation there. Spooky, huh? So, what’s holding you back?

Entering a business award really is worth the effort and comes with many benefits. Here are six to be going on with:

You could win!

The brand boost that comes from being declared the best in your field can do amazing things for your business, adding real strength to your brand. It not only gives your staff a morale boost to know that they’re on a winning team, it verifies to your customers that they were right to choose you as their provider. What’s more, winning is a major contributor in turning leads into new clients.


When you’ve been recognised as either a finalist or a winner, it’s validation that your business is on the right track. Don’t hesitate to shout about your success on your website, via Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram and even in your email signature. You’ve earned it, so share it!

Free advertising

Why not reap the benefits of all the free airplay you’ll get? Awards organisers will generate a lot of media exposure for your business and your people through announcing finalists and winners as they madly promote the event. Leverage that exposure through your own social media platforms and spread the word. If you don’t milk this opportunity for all its worth, then you’re missing out.


Many of the larger industry awards offer entrants incentives such as free business health checks – a process that can really give you some valuable insights into what your business is doing well and what it still needs to work on. Such excellent free guidance could be a real business game changer for you.

Meet others in your industry

Award programs, workshops and even the prize-giving ceremonies themselves offer you great opportunities to network with others in the same game. These are ideal times to take key members of your staff along and maximise your exposure to related businesses. Who knows? It could be at just such an event that the first link of a long-lasting, profitable business partnership could be forged.

Find yourself in demand

Don’t be surprised to see invitations to speak at industry forums or comment on related issues coming your way once you’ve won an award. As a winner, your opinion is highly valuable and by accepting these requests you can rapidly establish yourself and your business as a ‘go to’ source for your industry.

Still unsure as to whether you’ve got what it takes to enter? Then contact Rosemary Gillespie at Proof Communications today on 02 8036 5532 or 0411 123 216 or head to the contact page.

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