What’s the point of entering business awards?

For most people answering that question, ‘winning’ is probably pretty high up on the agenda – and fair enough, too. But those genuinely switched on about taking their business forward see business awards as more than an excuse to don their glad rags and attend a glittering awards evening. For them, entering a business award is about holding a mirror up to their business and being satisfied with what it reflects.

Entering business awards of any kind requires a level of self-examination that gives a business owner the chance to see how far they’ve come; how many of their goals have been achieved. Perhaps even more importantly, a business award submission can show where room for improvement lies and signpost opportunities for growth and improvement.

Writing a business award entry gives you time to take stock. It’s a great opportunity to recognise what you’ve been doing well, and where things could be improved. It can also call on input from your team, and from clients. Many award entries ask for supporting information, such as testimonials.

Yet writing business award entries can be exhausting. Just ask anyone who’s completed a Telstra Business Award entry in recent years. Depending on the business award you’re entering and the category, you’ll be asked about anything from sales strategies, marketing successes, team and personal development, obstacles, training, leadership, culture, diversity, risk management, just for example.

Daunting? Sure. Time consuming? Certainly. But the good news is that writing a business award entry forces you to critically assess what you or your business has been doing. Perhaps the process will highlight aspects of running your business that you haven’t even considered before.

Fortunately, Proof Communications’ expert award writers are here to take the load for you. It’s also true that many people feel uncomfortable writing about themselves. They know what they want to say in their award entry, but don’t quite know how to get it down. That’s where an experienced award entry writer is worth their weight in gold.

Entering a business award is also a great way to connect with others in your industry and measure yourself against your competitors. Becoming a finalist or being announced as the winner in your category (or categories) will raise your company profile, attracting the attention of your peers, potential customers and business partners. And let’s not forget the benefits of being able to advertise your success on social media and on your website and in emails – a great way of spreading the good news and promoting your brand.

So why not take the plunge and enter a business award? Research business awards that are relevant to your industry or your business size or its purpose.

For example, your industry may have an industry association or two that run awards each year. There are also awards that are open to all types of businesses, sometimes with certain entry criteria. For example, you may need to be below a certain number of staff or certain revenue threshold. There are other awards that focus on aspects of running a business. For example, if you are an environmentally conscious business, you might want to enter business awards that celebrate businesses taking steps to reduce their impact on the environment or taking actions to improve the environment. Of course, you can enter all these types of business awards, and more.

Whichever awards you decide to enter, you can use the opportunity as an effective way to see how well your business is doing. Review your achievements, measure your progress, set more goals. If you win, that’s fantastic. If you don’t, you’ll still come out ahead.

The great news is that with Proof Communications writing your award entries, you’ll almost guaranteed to become a finalist. Which is another great promotional opportunity. You can promote your finalist status on your newsletters, on social media, your website and in emails, including in your signature. When you become a finalist, you’ll be able to use the award logo on your marketing collateral.

We’ve written hundreds of successful award submissions for clients from engineering, healthcare, law, construction, media and marketing, real estate, IT and professional services – almost every industry you can think of. Some are SMEs; others are national and global companies. But all have an inspiring story to share. Isn’t it time you shared your story as well?

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