Three essential ingredients to a winning business award

Winning a business award doesn’t happen by accident. Clearly, you’ve put a lot of effort into making it all the way to the top of your tree and winning a prestigious business award confirms that your efforts deserve recognition. But fail to include three vital ingredients in your award entry and yours could be the greatest story never told.  

  1. A strong angle. A good angle is the first thing that will make a judging panel sit up and take notice of your entry. Think about your question answering strategy. Set the scene with a good opening gambit, then widen your narrative to build momentum. A good starting point is to print the questions, then job down bullet points of what you’ll cover in each answer. It will help you to ensure that you miss nothing out.
  1. Originality. Let’s say that you’re going for a mortgage broker award. Hundreds of other brokers entering the awards do basically the same job as you, right? So what’s so different about how you do it? Judges want to know how you produce better results. Don’t be afraid to outline exactly what’s special about your way of doing things. Even small points of difference matter. Now’s not the time to be a shrinking violet.
  1. Impact. Cold hard facts will transform your words from mere claims into solid evidence. Use figures (monetary or percentages), attributed testimonials, clear images, compelling case studies, easily understandable infographics, and strong case comparisons to illustrate your achievements. The judges will be looking for entries that make a strong impact by being able to back up their claims. 

 Award writing can be really challenging. It takes a considerable investment of time to ensure you nail the three elements described above. Give yourself maximum time to create a solid first draft that you can then tweak to perfection. Judges can spot a rushed entry a mile off, so don’t squander your chances by leaving it too late. 

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