How to write a business award so you stand out

Writing a brilliant business award entry will help you stand out and be shortlisted for the top prize. Here are our top tips to help you do just that.

Business awards are extremely beneficial for you and your company. They can provide your company with excellent PR, improve your brand image and increase credibility. As a result, this helps you draw in more customers or clients because people start trusting your business. You don’t even need to win an award – being shortlisted is enough to help you see the benefits.

Of course, winning is the main aim, so how do you ensure that your company walks away with the top prize?

It all starts with your business award entry. In this, you need to tell your story to the judges, making them select you ahead of all the other entrants. Including stories in your business award entries will have a direct impact on your chances of success – and we have plenty of case studies of winning business awards to prove that creating the best awards submissions can land you with some special accolades.

So, if you’re eager to enter business awards and reap the potential rewards, how do you write a submission that stands out? Here are some tips, taken straight from our team of professional award writers:

Be authentic in your business award entry

Authenticity will always shine through when you’re writing a business award submission. You might be tempted to embellish certain aspects of your story, but judges can see through this. Think about how many awards submissions they read through; it’s easy to separate the authentic ones from the exaggerated ones.

Tell your story honestly and find an angle that works for you. If you’re not a business that came through adversity to find success, don’t write your submission from that perspective. Instead, focus on what makes your company tick – what makes you special? Find your own Unique Selling Proposition, then you can write authentic and honest awards entries that speak to the judges.

Use facts and figures to back up your points

What’s the whole point in writing your award submission? You want to stand out so that the judges shortlist you for the big prize. Therefore, you need to have some key talking points and claims that prove you deserve to be shortlisted, or win! This is where a lot of awards submissions fall short. We’ve seen countless examples of business awards that are full of claims and suggestions of greatness, without anything to back them up. In fact, when speaking to awards judges, we most often hear comments around the lack of evidence provided by entrants.

If you want a serious chance of being shortlisted for a business award, you need to use facts and figures to back up your points. This is the best way to showcase your achievements in a way that judges can look at and make sense of. Particularly if you’re up for awards in specific categories against many of your regular business rivals. Facts and figures can demonstrate that you have achieved more than the other nominees, prompting the judges to pick you ahead of the rest.

Use the first-person writing style in your business awards

The content of your award submission isn’t the only thing you need to keep in mind. Alongside your story and key talking points, you need to think about how you’ll write the award. In this case, the first-person writing style is the best way to go. It creates a more personal link between you and the company, almost like you’re talking to the judges.

Some awards are for individuals, in which case you should use “I” when writing about what you did or achieved. For awards that you’re entering as a business, you use the collective “we” instead.

Think of questions and answers

A good way to frame your submission is by coming up with a list of potential questions you think the judges might ask you. From here, you write your answers to the questions and they help you come up with the content for your award. It’ll mean you answer everything the judges could possibly want to know, leaving them in no doubt that you should be shortlisted for the business award.

How to get professional help with your business awards entries

If you want to write a business award that will help you be shortlisted – and win – awards, Proof Communications’ professional award writers will help you. We’ve written hundreds of successful award entries, helping companies in multiple industries to shine in the spotlight of success. Give us a call on 02 8036 5532 or 0411 123 216 or contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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