How to win a business award

Winning business awards is about making sure that you have put the effort in along the way and write a winning submission!

But winning a business award is not just about entering business awards. It’s about having something to share with the judges. Here are some things that you have to consider.

What do you want the judges to know most?

Ensuring that you make the judging panel sit up and take notice is about the message. What do you want the judges to know most? A message communicates what your business stands for, and it will encompass your brand and your approach to your entry. It’s important that when you are crafting business awards entries that you focus on the angle.

What do you want to achieve through your message? When you set the scene in your business award entry, you can build a solid narrative that communicates every aspect of your business in the most salient points. This will make for an easier entryway into your material that will pique the judges’ interests. If you are looking for help with this, there are professional award writers Proof Communications can help.

Pick your award category wisely

There is absolutely nothing wrong with aiming for the stars. But it’s important that you aim for the right ones. You are more likely to win an award if you choose one that suits your business more closely. There are a wide variety of awards out there, which is why you’ve got to choose ones that will give you an advantage over the competition.

There are so many business awards you can enter, so if you can find awards that suit your business and categories, you are already giving yourself a leg up. For example, if you are a female-owned business, the Women in Business Awards honour women making a difference. One of the major business awards is the Telstra Best of Business Awards, a high profile business award that provides businesses with a range of opportunities and experiences.

There are countless business awards to enter, both general business awards such as those mentioned, plus industry-specific awards. These are often run by industry professional associations or industry journals or magazines.

Understand the criteria and questions

When submitting business award entries, take the opportunity to understand the criteria of every single business award you’re entering. Many businesses and government bodies submit entries to a wide variety of awards. However, using the same entry for every single award with minor tweaks isn’t best practice. The judges will see right through this. It’s important to choose awards that suit your business, but then ensure you read the entry criteria and carefully answer the questions.

Award questions can be multi-layered and will require an initial response backed by evidence. There may be pointers in questions that suggest that you should provide additional points, such as questions that contain the phrase ‘examples may include…’, so be sure to understand the questions and stick to the word limit. This is where professional award writers Proof Communications can give you extra support.

Be original

If you want to win a business award, you’ve got to stand out from the competition. There could be hundreds of entries to the same category as you. But rather than talking about the same services that you and your contemporaries offer, you need to focus on what you do, but how you do it differently.

You may think it’s difficult to separate yourself because you are essentially doing the same thing as everyone else. But the judges want to see how you are producing better results. You should never be afraid to highlight exactly what is special about how you do things in your business award entry. Winning business awards is about being different and original. This is your perfect opportunity to craft awards submissions that showcase your originality.

Get help from professional business award writers.

Winning business awards is about making sure you are running a strong business. Proving this is all to do with writing business award entries that make a massive impact. If you are looking for extra help in crafting an outstanding business awards submission, contact Proof Communications on 02 8036 5532 or 0411 123 216, or email

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