How to build credibility with award wins

Business awards can help you build credibility and draw in new customers and clients and attract new recruits. We’ve got a handful of tips to help you learn how to submit compelling award entries in a few simple steps.

There are many reasons why winning business awards reaps benefits. There’s the sense of achievement; it’s nice to know that all of your hard work is valued by others within your industry. Furthermore, awards can also help you build credibility. In turn, this makes you a more trustworthy business, which can entice more people to come and check you out.

This begs the question: how do you build credibility with award wins?

We’ve got some words of wisdom that will help you learn how to use business awards to your advantage. By doing the right things, you can see your business credibility soar through the roof in no time at all.

Choose the right awards to enter

The first step is to pick a series of awards that are right for your business to enter. There are countless business awards available to enter. The exact awards you can enter will vary depending on your industry. Industry awards are run by industry associations or industry publications. And there are general business awards, to which almost any business can submit an entry in a range of categories.

Nevertheless, there are some awards that build credibility more than others, usually because they’re given out by the government or other governing bodies or are long established, such as the Telstra Best of Business Awards. This means there’s an element of authenticity and credibility given to them before the winners are even announced. Often, being nominated for one of these awards is just as good as winning one.

For small business owners, there are a handful of prestigious awards you can consider entering. The Australian Small Business Awards are well worth looking into as they celebrate the best small businesses across the country. It’s a very sought after award to be nominated for, and getting your company shortlisted can really build credibility within your target market.

Similarly, the Australian Business Awards are long standing and highly credible. There are numerous categories to choose from, and of course, you can enter more than one.

Furthermore, the Xero Awards are good. The Xero Awards have different categories which celebrate of the best of the best. These awards are well-known throughout Australia, so it’s extremely beneficial if your business is nominated or wins a category. People recognise the authenticity of a Xero Award, instantly viewing your business in a more positive light.

Entering business awards that already have credibility and prestige will help your reputation immensely. Being shortlisted – or winning – will look impressive as the top and most sought-after awards are the ones that build the most credibility.

Writing a winning awards submission

Finding the right awards for your business to enter is just one part of the solution; you need to actually be shortlisted to stand a chance of winning a business award. Business awards entries vary in how powerful and effective they are. Poorly written award entries with no evidence to back up the statements made in the entry will be rejected by the judges.

Instead, you need award entries that hook the judges and make them hang on your every word! Knowing what the judges are looking for in business award entries is very important.

How is this achievable?

  • Step 1: Come up with an angle – There must be an angle for your award submission to really grip the judges and make them interested. Think about what makes your business special and why you deserve the award. Always be honest and authentic with your backstory; don’t make it up to create a story you think they want to hear.
  • Step 2: Support your claims – Don’t just talk about how great you are, show it! List facts and figures from the last year to back up everything you say about your business. Very simply, what you counts will help you win business awards. If you faced adversity, show the data that proves how you got over it.
  • Step 3: Hire professional award writers – Winning business awards is a lot easier when your submission is perfectly written. Hiring professional award writers will guarantee you send off an entry that will attract the notice of the judges.

Use professional awards submission writers

Do you want to build credibility with award wins? Contact the Award Writers team today, and we can help you submit the very best business awards submissions. Check out our case studies to see how we’ve already helped numerous businesses get the recognition they deserve.

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