Five benefits of entering a business award

Above and beyond the thrill of finally getting to say that acceptance speech you’ve so carefully rehearsed, winning an award carries with it other benefits that are excellent for your business.

1. It boosts team morale

An award win recognises your team’s efforts, acting as a great motivator and morale-booster all round. Employees feel justifiably proud to be working for a company judged to be a stand-out in its industry, so make sure to take as many team members as you can to the awards ceremony so they can share in the win. Award nights are often pretty glitzy affairs and can act not only as a great reward, but as a fantastic networking opportunity to meet up with others in your sphere.

2. It presents a powerful marketing opportunity

Awards often attract thousands of entries, so if your business has won or been shortlisted, it really is something to shout about. Your success reassures existing customers that they’re right to deal with your company, whilst making it more likely that potential customers will see the light, too. Make sure to plaster your win all over your social media platforms and website, as well as including it in your marketing materials and all forms of business communications. Don’t keep it hidden!

3. You learn more about your strengths and weaknesses

Criteria for awards can often require digging very deep to provide the evidence required. Essentially, you’re conducting a self-health check on your business. You’ll not be able to see where you’re doing well but you’ll inevitably shine a light on areas that still need some work. Use these as markers for where you need to channel your efforts and make your case for winning next time round even stronger.

4. Success is a magnet for talent

The recognition your business receives from winning an award can help you attract employees keen to help you achieve even more. Your success can help reflect what your company is like to work with; individuals are more engaged when they’re confident that they’re hitching their wagon to a business that’s going places.

5. It positions you as an industry leader

An award win is a certifiable differentiator which makes a clear statement that your business is at the top of its game. It tells your industry peers that you’re forging ahead and confirms to your customers and suppliers that they’re dealing with an acknowledged leader and achiever. And that’s a very powerful endorsement indeed.

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