Do you make these business award entry mistakes?

If you’re a rookie when it comes entering business awards, there are some common traps that a novice award writer can easily fall into.

As professional award entry writers, here’s our advice on how to avoid the most common business award submission mistakes.

Answer the award entry questions using focused, factual responses

Don’t waffle on in your business award submissions. Keep to the point. Most importantly, use examples to back up your points.

Make sure the examples are relevant to the question. For example, if the question is about your marketing success, give examples of how your marketing has improved and data on the increase in the number of leads.

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Write in complete sentences but don’t waffle on

Use complete sentences when writing award entries but don’t go on and on. Keep your paragraphs short. Almost all business award entries have word count limits, so stick to them.

Focus on your organisation’s strengths, not the weaknesses of your competitors

When entering business awards, keep to positive points about your organisation’s successes, not the weaknesses of your competitors.

Be consistent – use the same names and terms throughout

When referring to your organisation’s name, job titles, roles, programs, initiatives and so on, make sure you use the same name for each throughout your award submission. Don’t change their names half way through writing an award entry.

A good business award writer will ensure that all terms and names are consistent. For example, if your company name is Best Ever Real Estate, and that’s how you introduce yourself at the start of your business award entries, stick to the same name throughout. Don’t shorten it to ‘Best Ever’.

Be careful when cutting and pasting

It’s a good idea to cut and paste relevant content from previous business award entries to save time. Bear in mind, however, that you’ll need to be a copy editor as well as a business award writer. All content copied from other award entries will need to be copy edited to precisely answer the question in your new award entry.

Get your referees’ details right

Lots of business award entrants provide the wrong email or phone numbers for their referees. This wastes the award organisers’ and judges’ time.

Read through your award entries before you submit – or even better, have professional award writers do it for you

All business award entries should be proofread before they are submitted. Ask Award Writers’ professional award writers to read it for you to give you feedback on the award entry and to make sure that there are no typos or inconsistencies. Working with Award Writers will give you the assurance of knowing that your award entry is tip-top.

Award Writers can help you create the best award entries. More than 95% of the award entries we write are shortlisted and more than 70% win. Ring us today on 02 9314 7506 or 0411 123 216 or contact us here.

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