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Do you make these business award entry mistakes?

If you’re a rookie when it comes entering business awards, there are some common traps that a novice award writer can easily fall into. As professional award entry writers, here’s our advice on how to avoid the most common business award submission mistakes. Answer the award entry questions using focused, factual responses Don’t waffle on … Read more


Why entering business awards is good for business

Can we share the best-kept secret about entering business awards with you? You don’t need to win to be a winner. We know justifying the time and energy needed to prepare business award submissions can be challenging, but the benefits of entering business awards – even when you don’t win – can’t be underestimated. Here’s … Read more

How to write a winning award entry

Winning business awards is an excellent way to get extra kudos for your business. Award wins reward your business and team with the recognition and attention they deserve. And business awards success is one of the best ways to help your business scale to the next level. But before you get to this point, there … Read more

How to write a business award so you stand out

Writing a brilliant business award entry will help you stand out and be shortlisted for the top prize. Here are our top tips to help you do just that. Business awards are extremely beneficial for you and your company. They can provide your company with excellent PR, improve your brand image and increase credibility. As … Read more

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Five ways to win a business award

When you enter a business award, you’re putting yourself, your business, or a project – and sometimes all – up against many others. In truth, there may not be a huge amount of difference between what you do and what someone else does or how you run your business and they run theirs. So, in order to really stand out, you need to write a … Read more

Winning an Award

Five reasons you should enter an award

Above and beyond the thrill of finally getting to say that acceptance speech you’ve so carefully rehearsed, winning an award carries with it other benefits that are excellent for your business. 1. It boosts team morale An award win recognises your team’s efforts, acting as a great motivator and morale-booster all round. Employees feel justifiably … Read more