MS Research Australia
Proof Communications' expert advice has helped us refine our responses to clearly communicate our brand and benefits.
Petricia Augustus
Head of Communications, Marketing and Operations

MS Research Case Study

Not-for-profit, MS Research Australia, is dedicated to funding and fostering collaboration into multiple sclerosis (MS) research.


• Limited time to put together award submissions
• Raise awareness for MS research

Our approach

Proof Communications worked closely with MS Research Australia to advise them on their award submission and help them refine their messaging to clearly communicate the incredible work the organisation does.


MS Research Australia won a trifecta of awards, positioning it firmly as a leader in its field:

• Telstra Business Awards 2017 – NSW Business of the Year
• Telstra Business Awards 2017 – Australian Charity Award
• Australian Charity Awards 2017 – Outstanding Achievement

This was the first time the MS Research Australia marketing team had sought professional help with their award entries.

“We’re a small team and we were finding it increasingly difficult to have the time to put together award submissions,” explains Petricia Augustus, Head of Communications, Marketing and Operations.

“Working with Proof Communications was an easy process. They were able to add value and be part of our team for the weeks leading up to the submissions. I was in the habit of looking at our organisation with an internal focus, so it proved really helpful to get advice from a fresh, external perspective.”

Wins like these are an important part of raising awareness for the internationally coordinated effort to find a cure for MS. “It’s important that the organisation is recognised in this way,” says Petricia. “These awards show that we are transparent in our processes, and this is an important drawcard for donors.

“We chose Proof Communications to work with because we could see they had a high success rate with their award entries and had worked with charities before. It was important to us that our provider understand the not-for-profit sector.”