Business Award Entry Health Check

A check-up on the health of your business award entries is always beneficial. It helps you to understand the effectiveness of your award submission writing and identify any room for improvement.

Our health check below will help you to measure the current fitness of your business award entries.

1. Do you start new award entries by cutting-and-pasting from recent award submissions?

It’s very typical to start a new award submission by opening and editing a recent award entry to suit the requirements of the criteria of the latest award. Cutting-and-pasting is worthwhile as it reduces the time and effort to create a new award submission, if your content is in good shape.

Try not to rely on too much cutting-and-pasting, however. Every business award has different criteria and different questions. Each award entry you submit needs to vary from the previous one; otherwise you’ll not be properly addressing the questions posed.

Also, bear in mind that your previous award entry content may not have been the best. How did you do in the last award? Many companies are shortlisted, but did you win your category? Perhaps your content is out of date; do your results statistics needs to be updated? Do your financials need to be updated? Do you need more recent examples of achievements or successes?

2. Can you easily find the information you need for your award entries?

Some companies do not keep good records of the outcomes they achieve during the year. This is where case studies are useful. For example, do you know the ROI or other results of your recent marketing, business development or other initiatives? Do you know the training courses that staff have completed during the year? When seeking colleagues’ comments on the draft award submission, is email your only way to distribute your draft? Or does your document management system enable you to collaborate on a single document at the same time?

3. Do your award submissions meet all the entry criteria?

Have you answered the questions properly? Do your award entries adhere to the word count limits? (No more and not too much less than specified.) Have you readied all the attachments required? These may be financials, testimonials or a short video.

4. Do you conduct a final review?

Before your award entry is submitted, does someone who has not been involved in its writing review the content for typos, sense and grammatical errors? Does anyone check that the entry addresses all the criteria?

If you believe that your award entries would benefit from an independent review or expert writing, Proof Communications is here to help. We’ve also written and edited hundreds of proposals and tenders for SMEs and large corporates across Australia. We’ll be happy to help you, too.

For help with writing, proofreading or editing your business awards, contact Award Writers at Proof Communications on 02 8036 5532 or 0411 123 216 or head to the contact page.

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