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Three tips for an error-free award entry

If you’ve written a business award entry, you’ll also need to edit and proofread it. The problem is, we’re too close to our own work to proofread it perfectly. A fresh pair of eyes is the real answer. But if you don’t have anyone to help you, at least leave the award entry overnight so … Read more


Why investing in a professional award writer makes good sense 

Individuals and businesses can achieve extraordinary things that really do deserve wide recognition. Winning an award is certainly one way of doing just that, but creating an entry that’s going to hit the mark with the judges is no mean feat. Anyone serious about winning should consider hiring a professional award writer who knows how … Read more

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Five benefits of entering a business award

Above and beyond the thrill of finally getting to say that acceptance speech you’ve so carefully rehearsed, winning an award carries with it other benefits that are excellent for your business. 1. It boosts team morale An award win recognises your team’s efforts, acting as a great motivator and morale-booster all round. Employees feel justifiably … Read more

3 Tips to winning business awards

There are so many positives about winning business awards. They ramp up your personal profile and the profile of your business; clients or customers like it as they are associated with you; it’s great for the morale of your staff; and it attracts new employees and potential investment. If you ask anyone who’s entered an … Read more


Why use an Award Writer?

The boost that comes from winning a business accolade – be it a major national competition or a smaller local or industry award – can be enormously beneficial to you, your employees, and the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Your clients love it when you win because it vindicates their decision to choose … Read more