Award writers. Worth their weight in Perspex.

Like a vaccine, winning a business award is a real shot in the arm for your business, and the positive effects are long-lasting. Be it a local affair, intra-industry award or major national competition – winning a business award is hugely beneficial to you, your employees, and the business you’ve worked hard to build. And just think of that attractive Perspex trophy you get to display. 

What are the benefits of entering a business award? 

Clients love when you win almost as much as you do. It is an extra assurance that they bet on a winning horse and were right to choose your product. Moreover, potential clients are far more likely to decide to work with you once they see others give you their seal of approval. To get maximum mileage out of your win, brag about it unashamedly on your website, email signature and social media platforms. 

Even if you don’t win, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost. Many if not most business awards are hotly contested; being named a finalist is an excellent indication of the worth of your business compared to industry competitors. Revisit step one, brag unashamedly.  

Even if you’re not named as a finalist, there are still plenty of benefits. Many awards ask for a thorough self-examination of your business. Evaluating your operations with a critical eye can put your growth into perspective and unveil any hidden faults. Equally, it can prompt you and your team to refocus on underattended areas of your business. Work smarter, not harder.  

So, what’s stopping you?  

In our experience, there are two reasons businesses don’t enter awards. First, entering an award requires a (sometimes significant) investment of time and effort. Many business owners don’t feel they can take valuable resources away from core work for what they incorrectly see as a ‘pretty badge.’ 

The second reason? It’s skill. Not everyone has the capacity to create a compelling entry that builds a strong narrative whilst ticking all the criteria, all under a prohibitive word count. Ask them to organise a spreadsheet more complex than the ASX and then put out twenty fires after lunch, no drama. Ask them to write about why they’re so good at it, and they’ll freeze up. Crafting an award-winning submission is a real art. There’s wisdom in hiring a professional to do it for you. 

Your chances of winning an award that could elevate your business to new levels of prestige and industry attention improve dramatically when you collaborate with a professional writer. Bonus: you can use written award content repeatedly on your website, marketing materials, capability statements and so much more. When you win, you really do grin!  

For help with writing, proofreading or editing your business awards, contact Proof Communications on 02 8036 5532 or 0411 123 216 or head to the contact page.

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